The Very Essynce of Events

In this day and age, an Event Planner is essential to a well structured and stress free event.

Since individuals and corporations see that they lack the expertise and time to plan an event themselves, they’re more secure with hiring an event planner.

The Very Essynce of Events, LLC believes the best way to display our visions to customers are done simply by focusing on making things happen: “with emotion and care”. We are honest, straightforward and very professional. The business comes armed with new ideas and a new approach to planning parties and events, along with exceptional services and a stress free day.

Although, the success of your event depends largely on understanding all that is entailed in hosting such a gathering, whether large or small. Event Planning services are a smart way to ensure that your event lives up to your expectations and those of your guests. An “experienced” event planner will be well informed on the latest trends that are available along with being creative and innovative towards ideas customized to your liking.

If you’ve ever experienced:
  • Not enjoying your party because you needed to be a host/ess
  • Aggravation and hassle with locating vendors, supplies, décor, and more
  • That you didn’t have enough time to handle a certain aspect of the event
  • Or something else

Then let The Very Essynce of Events alleviate the stress and worrying. Our relaxing approach will allow you to enjoy the planning process from beginning to end.

We believe that holding a core belief can contribute to peer networks changing your event by providing necessary advice and support, as well as the exposure of talent and expertise, resulting in mutual expansion for all involved.

Our business would like to assist with your vendor management in all aspects that are entailed. Although, an event planner may be portrayed as an added expense, realizing that in these days, time is money, hiring an event planner will easily make up for that fee. A great event planner is considered insurance that the event will go as planned, and you will not need to spend your time worrying about small details and potential problems.